Other Services  
  Valuation & Financial Modelling  

In today's increasingly complex mase of decision-making professional valuations and advice are important. Our valuation and advisory expertise extends beyond fixed assets to business interest and goodwill. Striving to meet our clients 'needs, we equip ourselves with in-depth local market knowledge and sound professional skills to provide customised reports and solutions in the following areas:

- Corporate Valuation & Portfolio Valuation
- Business & Intangible Assets Valuation
- Capital Market Services including Initial Public Offerings (IPO) & Merger and Acquisition ( M&A)
  Due Diligence  
The due diligence process varies for different types of companies. The relevant areas of concern may include the financial, legal, labor, tax, environment and market/commercial situation of the company. Other areas include intellectual property, real and personal property, insurance and liability coverage, debt instrument review, employee benefits and labor matters, immigration, and international transactions.
  Implementing MIS  
In the modern business era there has been a trend among corporations to focus attention on supply chain management in order to cut costs. This is largely due to an increase in lower cost competitive products and services within a given industry. To make this task easier and more efficient managers have been implementing their supply chain management strategies with MIS. This allows managers to focus on the firms daily operations while MIS monitors what is happening and recommends what should be done based on various facts and figures.
  Setting up Internal Control Systems  
Internal control over financial reporting has always been a major area in the governance of an organization and this importance has been magnified in recent years. This tool is intended to give audit committees basic information about internal control to understand what it is, what it is not, how it can be used most effectively in the organization and the requirements of management with respect to the system of internal control over financial reporting. Note that the primary responsibility of the audit committee with respect to internal control is the system of internal control over financial reporting.
  Business Advisory & Management Consulting Services  
  Our Company specialies in offering management level consultancy to:  
Business Entry Advisory Services
Strategy Advisory
Advice on Shareholder Agreements
Joint Venture and Technical Collaboration Agreement.
Profitability Advisory Services
Business Valuations
Debt & Equity Capital Raising
Private Equity Negotiations