Corporate Finance  
  Mastermind provides comprehensive advice to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s)
to act as driver for growth, competitiveness and profitability.  We have successfully completed
assignments in all major areas of corporate finance which include:
Initial public offer (IPO)/Follow up public offer (FPO)
Venture capital/Structured finance
Private equity placements
Foreign currency convertible bonds
  Initial public offer (IPO)/Follow up public offer (FPO):
  IPO gives an opportunity to the investors to be a part of an existing company and have a share
in it thus acting as a support scheme to cash in on the opportunities available in the primary market.

Venture Capital finance


Venture capital firms invest alongside management in companies which seem to have the
potential to develop into significant economic contributors.


Private Equity

  Equtity captial that is made available to companies or investors, but not quoted on a stock market.
The funds raised through private equity can be used to develop new products or technologies
to expand working capital, to make acquistions, or to strengthen a company's balance sheet.
We help the companies in the folllowing stages:
Collateral Preparation
Invester Shortlisting
Commercial Termsheet
Due Deligence and Closure

Foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCB):

  Funds raised in foreign currency in the form of convertible bonds which is mix of debt & equity.
Whereby it gives the bondholder the option to convert into stock.


  A route to participate in international markets by way of buying shares in a foreign company
whereby any dividends & capital gains are realized in foreign currency.

Venture Capital / Structured Finance

  Service offered by many large financial institutions for companies with very unuique
financing needs. These financing needs usually don't match conventional financial products
such as a loan. Structured finance generally involves highly complex financal transcations.