Corporate Law Matters  

Mastermind handles all formalities and issues relating to company law on behalf of the clients like:

  Completion of all Procedures regarding Formation and Registration of a company  
  Drafting of all kinds of resolutions for a company, assistance in case of Change in company name, registered office, or objects of the company  
  Preparation of documents to be filed with SEBI in case of an Initial Public Offer (IPO), FPO, FCCB, GDR/ ADR.  
  Preparation of various agreements, like investment agreement, shareholder’s agreement, management agreement etc.  
  Preparation of various deeds, MOU’s, contracts, etc.  
  Compliance with conversion of Firm in company (Part IX)  
  Performing regular reviews to check gaps in compliances.  
  Representing before statutory authorities for agreements, approvals, registrations and licenses.